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If somebody told you that you could realise your potential and improve the quality of your life, thanks to the help of a three-day session, it could sound funny and even beyond imagination for you. However, that’s exactly what the Landmark Forum teaches you. This is a forum, the first and basic course conducted by Landmark Worldwide, formerly known as Landmark Education, which is conducted for 42 hours. From Friday to Saturday, the session goes on for about 14 hours per day and it starts from 9 AM to 11 PM. The last concluding session happens on the next Tuesday for four hours from 7 PM to 11 PM. During this session, you can bring your friends and colleagues whom you want to enrol in this program.

Breakthrough technology
How does the forum help people at all levels? How does it prove to be beneficial for freshers and senior management personnel? It is because of the breakthrough technology that it adopts with the help of practical lessons. The forum tells you very clearly right at the beginning itself that it doesn’t teach you anything that you don’t know already. It only teaches you to do a self-introspection and come out with results that are far beyond the usual levels that you have predicted. The transformative learning methodology that is adopted in the forum helps you immensely in improving your personal and professional relationships, developing your overall personality and controlling the way you act, think and behave. The forum is conducted in many languages across various countries. Almost 94% of the people who attended this have admitted that this forum made a permanent and positive impact in their life and relationships.

Lessons for the mind, heart, and soul
Many award-winning celebrities have attended this forum and experienced immense benefits out of the same. One example is the volleyball champion, Natalie Cook. According to her own admission, she had a fall out with her coach who had guided her to win two Olympic medals, due to some ego issues. She attended the Landmark Forum and learnt some valuable lessons, which helped her to mend her relationship with her coach. Like Cook, many of us have relationships that we have not given a closure or that we have ignored in our lives. We tend to leave them incomplete because we think we don’t have the strength to face these people ever in our lives.

At this forum, we are proved wrong. We are made to admit to our mistakes like never before. The forum leader motivates us to open up and confess to the group about our wrongdoings, revengeful acts or other acts of jealousy, frustration, etc. Once we open up, we do feel a bit better, but that’s not the beauty of the forum. The leader forces to call up the people whom we have wronged against in the past and apologise to them for the same. These wrongdoings are given the name “rackets” as per the Landmark vocabulary. Any landmark forum review will tell you how relieving it is when you own up for your rackets.

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