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Every aspect of life has a positive aspect and a negative one. It depends on how you look at the problem. Concentrating on the positive aspects of life help you attain the objectives. It is not so easy to be positive under all circumstances. You need a lot of practice to be able to do so. No school or university teaches you these aspects of life. You have to learn it from experience. Life teaches you these skills. You can supplement it with teachings of personality development courses such as Landmark Forum.

This Forum explains its points through stories that one can easily relate to. Let us look at one such simple story that explains positivity in a beautiful manner.

A teacher had two disciples. He found out that one of the disciples had a positive frame of mind whereas the other one was full of negativity. One day, they were walking along in the garden when they came across a mango tree with juicy mangoes hanging from its branches. He decided to test these students. He called them and asked them what they thought about this mango tree.

The negative-minded student started berating the tree and termed it as a useless item. He was of the opinion that unless you beat it with stones and sticks, the tree does not yield fruit. He was of the opinion that you have to be violent in order to get the fruits.

The teacher posed the same question to the other student who had the habit of looking at positive aspects of life. He opined that the tree was the most useful for humans as it gave them juicy fruits. You hit it with stones and sticks. In spite of the violent behavior on the part of humans, the tree gives its juicy fruits without any distinction. He further remarked that men should also learn from this tree and behave properly. They should share their belongings with others and spread happiness to people.

Imagine both the students were referring to the same tree. See the opposite kinds of thoughts. There are no prizes for guessing who made the teacher happy. Naturally, the teacher was happy with the positive minded student.

What is the lesson you get from this story? One has to be positive at all times. One should learn to look at the positives in each situation you face in life. Take the example of roses. You see the rose in the presence of thorns. One can look at it in this way. You can say, “Oh God, Even the beautiful roses have thorns in them.” Another person might just comment, “What a beautiful creation of Nature! You have beautiful roses among thorns.”

Both the comments mean the same. However, the attitude is what matters. The positive attitude can help you maintain relationships with people. The slightest negativity can destroy relationships within no time.

This is what Landmark Forum teaches its participants. Being positive in your outlook can pay rich dividends.

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