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What is the best way to solve any problem? The best way to do so is to look at the problem from different angles. You will get a new perspective when you see things from a new angle. This can help you to find out of the box solutions to your problems. You can take the example of a chess board. When you look at the pieces from a diagonal angle, you get a completely different view of the board. The pieces look different. Under such circumstances you can find innovative angles to attack. The Landmark Forum espouses such a line of thinking and formulates its training methods accordingly.

The great Bill Gates had once remarked that he had a habit of choosing the laziest people in his organization for solving the most difficult of problems. His reasoning was that the lazy people would always find an easy way of solving any problem. If this can be true of Bill Gates, it can be true of you and me as well.

Let us look at a simple illustration of how easy it can be to solve problems if viewed from different angles.
A young corporate professional was breaking his head over a new algorithm. He was desperate to find a solution to complex issue in his office. He had brought the work home in the hope that he would be able to think over the problem with a cool mind. He was racking his brain hard while his daughter was pestering him to play with her. He did not want to disappoint his daughter as well. However, the problem was taking a huge toll of him. Unable to bear the pestering of his daughter, he took a magazine and tore one page into 16 pieces and asked her to reassemble the paper and bring it back to him. The professional was relieved because he thought that this task will keep his daughter busy for at least an hour or so. However, to his utter dismay he saw that his daughter came back within five minutes with the jigsaw pieces assembled neatly.

Unable to conceal his wonder, he asked his daughter the reason for being able to solve the puzzle so quickly. She replied that the puzzle was very simple to solve. The magazine that her father tore had a picture of a horse on the reverse side. All she had to do was to place the pieces correctly. It is not difficult for a six year old child to successfully solve such a simple puzzle.

This opened the eyes of the father. With renewed vigor he went about solving the algorithm in a new way. He could arrive at the solution within minutes. What does this story signify? It shows that you can find solutions to the toughest of problems if you adopt innovative ways of solving them.
You can find such interesting stories in a Landmark Forum review or two. This is the beauty of the Landmark Forum. You get to learn a lot.

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