How does the Landmark Forum teach the philosophy of life

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When you read any Landmark Forum Review, you will understand that the forum is not just a seminar that teaches you lessons to climb up the corporate ladder effectively. It is a seminar that imparts valuable life lessons that you will carry with you forever. Though the seminar lasts for about 42 hours (3, 14-hour sessions from Friday to Sunday and one 4-hour farewell session the following Tuesday), the lessons and impact that you take from this stay with you for many years. In three days, you get to learn about the philosophy of life in a way that you have never heard before. Here is how the forum goes about in its approach.

Whatever you feel is a result of your past experience
One of the main lessons that the forum leader teaches you is that there is a lot of difference between the actual facts of a particular situation and the meaning or the stories that you draw from that situation. In other words, the forum leader stops you when you blame the other person for your failed relationship, failed business deal or other problems. Instead, he asks you to do a self-retrospection and asks you to speak in detail about your problems in the open.

For example, when you tell the leader that your relationship with your daughter is strained because she feels that you don’t give her enough freedom, the leader tells you it is because of what happened to you in your past that you are behaving in a particular way with her. He tells you that you are being over-protective of your daughter for selfish reasons. When you don’t agree to her, he uses abusive language and tells you that you can kill her instead than making her suffer. That would set the tears rolling for you. You would understand that you have been punishing your daughter because of your perception of a past event that happened with you. In the three days of the forum, you learn a lot of stuff like these and when you come out, you learn to be more appreciative of people and relationships.

Apologies for the rackets
The mistakes or the wrong doings that you do in the past are classified as rackets by the forum leader. Yes, the jargons can be quite confusing; however, the concepts are simple. One of the main philosophical parts of the Landmark Forum is that the candidates are forced to apologise for their rackets. During the breaks, the forum leader makes you call the people whom you have wronged against and apologise for your mistakes. When your parents, spouse, lover, boss, subordinate, friend or whoever you have erred against, doesn’t pick up your call, the leader urges you to keep calling so that you get a chance to apologise to them and mend relationships, if possible. When you are in doubt, the forum leader uses more dominant language and a rebuking tone so that you keep your conscience clear. You have to ensure that you don’t get bogged down by your leader’s tone; he is abusive so that he can bring about the self-realisation in you.

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