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Jobs are meant to fill pockets, and meant to be a source of income for every individual. I was able to set a private firm of my own but could not manage it as I had envisaged. This was a disappointing phase of my life wherein I was almost in tears. My parents suggested that I attend a seminar at Landmark worldwide where people from across the world revitalized their confidence. It was a confidence booster for me as I was seeking a pillar to guide me on how to be resilient. Life is a journey full of ups and downs which has to be dealt with carefully. I wanted to get up and bounce back but somehow I just could not do so.

Every individual undergoes rough patches. I guess this was the phase which most people were wary about because I could not gather the strength to start afresh. In order to bounce back, I had to arrange capital which meant borrowing or a loan. My father had invested all he could on my first venture. Nobody can be your mentor but you have to take the leap. I was sure that I would start afresh but the fear of losing again was constantly stopping me. It was a block that was stopping me from taking the next step.

People always say that failure is a stepping stone to success. This was my only motivation and pulled up my socks to start again. Truly the seminar motivated me in a way that no one could do. The motivational speakers effectively sent the message to every participant. I felt blessed to attend the seminar at Forum de Landmark. Things were different when I first came here and by the end of the session I was a completely new person. I knew exactly how to tackle crisis, rather than succumb to the chaos. All this while I was only lagging in confidence to put a bold step forward. In my opinion things had changed from the very first day of a renewed me.

My parents were extremely proud of me as they had expectations from me. I did not want to let them down but do what I could do best. In order to make a good impression I put up a bold front at home. My friends were the second support system after my family. I was so inspired by the motivational speakers that it invigorated a sense of motivation in me. Initially when I was not satisfied with the small things but now I understood the essence of everything. Life was not always big events but about celebrating small ones.

My parents arranged whatever capital they could and the rest I gathered from my friends. They were all hopeful about the new me, as in they had never seen such a confident side before. All credit goes to the Landmark forum review through which I was able to find what was right for me. It was indeed a great achievement that I started everything once again. This time I was cautious about how to start a new business and handle things differently.

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