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Landmark Forum professes innovative ways of solving problems

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Have you ever met any person in the world who does not have any problems at all? It is nigh impossible to do so. Every person in the world including the strongest and the mightiest has his own set of problems. The issue is not the problem but the way that you employ to tackle the same. Sometimes, the smallest of problems might appear huge because you might be using the wrong methods to handle the same. At the same time, the toughest of problems could look easy because you are viewing it from a different angle. Landmark Forum has been harping on this technique right since the time they started their courses.

You invariably find a session or two devoted to this issue alone. There are hundreds of examples shared with you that explain the importance of viewing problems from varied angles. We shall share one of them with you today to enable you to get a better understanding.

A young computer executive was working on a very difficult algorithm. He had to submit the report by Monday. He was struggling to find the right solution to the problem. This was causing a great headache to him. In the meanwhile, his young daughter was pestering him to play with her. This girl was like an angel. No one could refuse her. However, the computer executive was too engrossed in his work to even look at her and acknowledge her demands.

The little girl kept on persevering. The father was now at his wit’s end. He did not know what to do. He could not get angry at his darling daughter as well. There was no time available to play with her. Hence, he hit upon an idea. He tore a page from a magazine kept on the table into 32 equal pieces. He gave it to the three-year old child and asked her to reassemble the pieces together. He was sure that this task will take some hours at least. He was happy that he had bought some time from her.

The girl was an obedient child. She took the pieces of paper carefully and started her job of assembling them again. Within five minutes, she came to her father with the pieces of paper neatly arranged in the perfect manner. The father was astounded as to how this girl could assemble this puzzle in such a short period. He could not resist asker her. Her reply opened his eyes. She said that the page that he had torn had the picture of a bus on the reverse side. All the girl had to do was to assemble the picture of the bus. Automatically, the job is over.

The father now realized that this was the advice of a genius. He immediately stopped whatever he was doing and started to look at the algorithm from a completely different angle. Within minutes he could find a solution to the same. This is what happens when you look at issues from a third person’s point of view. Landmark Forum uses such stories of wisdom to prove its point to its participants.

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Landmark Forum believes in having a transformational outlook

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Understanding people is one of the most difficult things to do in this world. Man is the most complex of all human beings. It requires a great deal of tact to handle him. The simple reason is that you are dealing with creatures with emotion instead of creatures with logic. You need to formulate new strategies to tackle them. Of course, life will teach you all these tactics. In addition, you have organizations such as the Landmark Forum to supplement the teachings of Life.

When you speak of the Landmark Forum, the images of power packed three and a half-day session come to mind. Do you really feel that three and a half-day session is enough to make a change in your lives? Many people do so whereas there will always be a section of people you cannot satisfy.

The point to consider here is not the duration of the course but the contents of it. The main intention of the course is to bring about a change in your outlook towards life. The very fact that you have decided to join the course is evidence enough that you seek a change from the monotonous life that you lead on a daily basis. You are thirsting for a change. This Forum gives you the opportunity to do so.

The Forum believes in bringing about a complete transformation in your ideas. We use the word transformation instead of ‘change’ because the change is an absolute one that encompasses all the aspects of life. There is a lot of difference between change and transformation. When you change something you do so with respect to a reference in the past. However, when you transform, you ensure that the change is an absolute one.

Everyone needs a transformation in the outlook because the present situation is such that finding a solution to your problems would nigh be impossible. The Landmark Forum aims to bring about such a transformational change in your way of approaching the problems. Every problem in the world has a solution because if there were no solution, the problem would cease to exist. The trick is to find out the right approach to the solution.

Bill Gates had once remarked that he preferred to give the toughest jobs in his companies to the laziest of all the employees. This is because he reckoned that the laziest person will always be able to find out the easiest way to solve the problem. How does he manage to do so? The main reason is that he approaches the problem with an uncluttered mind. When you have such an open mind, absorbing the problem and thinking for the solution becomes easy. This is what the Forum harps on as well.

The best way to solve any problem is to believe that it does not exist. If you think in these lines, your mind becomes free of all the preconceived notions. Hence, finding a solution becomes easy. This is what the Landmark Forum is all about.

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