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Teaches you to fight fire with ice

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Physics and psychology have many things in common. We have seen how there is a connection between the first law of thermodynamics and human nature. Similarly there is a connection between the third law and the psychology of humans. The Landmark Forum brings out these similarities beautifully through their courses.

The third law of thermodynamics says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is perfectly true in case of the inanimate objects. If you look closely, this logic applies to humans as well. Let us see the similarities using simple examples.
It is human nature to resist things they do not believe in. At the same time, the people always tend to react to situations. If they find something offensive, they react in an offensive manner. At the same time, when confronted with a submissive situation, they behave in a submissive fashion. Thus you find the nature of people as reactive in nature.

You can find the same traits in people when you try to interact with them. This is visible in the way your subordinates treat you when you deal with them. If you speak with them in a nice manner, you get a nice response. At the same time, you get a rough response when you deal with them roughly.

These Landmark courses teach you to deal with your subordinates in a proper manner whereby you can extract the maximum work from them. This can improve your productivity and help you progress further in your corporate set up. The main cause of flare-ups with the subordinates is because of the ego factor. A team leader, you have an ego. At the same time, your subordinates have their own. In a clash of egos, there is always a lot of friction. Where there is friction, there can be problems in human relations. The young professionals usually face these problems in life. A stint at the Landmark Forum can soften them up for the tough ordeals ahead.

These courses explain the futility of having arguments with people, especially with those in power. Have you ever tried to argue with a policeman? The more you try to convince him that you are right, the more you manage to convince him that he is right. On the other hand, try dealing with the same situation in a different manner. The same policeman can be a source of great strength to you. He may even help you get away with a minor misdemeanor. This is the best part of not arguing with anyone. This is true of the policeman. This is truer in case of your boss. The trouble with bosses is that they like to believe that they are always right. This inflates the already bloated egos. The Forum teaches you to be a different kind of boss where you throw the egos for a toss. This can usher in a revolution in the corporate world with more people enrolling into the courses of the Forum. Maybe, the positive Landmark Forum Review you had written has come back to help you.

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Prepare you to handle tough situations in life – Landmark Forum

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The toughest part of the job of a corporate professional is dealing with his co-workers and bosses. The middle-management cadre is the worst place in the hierarchy. People who are way up the ladder tend to push the buck down. At the same time, the people on the lowest rung of the ladder seek to blame the persons immediately above them in the hierarchy. Therefore, the young professional joining a corporate entity becomes a sort of sandwich between two diverse sections of people. This can cause tremendous strain leading to stress. This stress has caused the downfall of many a young professional. However, one should remember the words, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The professional can benefit from doing a few courses at the Landmark Forum. These courses can prepare him to deal with the situation in the best possible manner.

The young professional comes out of his college with a lot of hope about shining in the corporate world. He lands a good job as well. Usually, he finds it easy to handle people. However, there can be obstinate people as well. It can be a headache dealing with them in the normal course. The professional should have exemplary man-management skills to deal with the issue. The Landmark Forum courses can prepare him to face the eventualities. Of course, one can ask about what a three and half-day course teach him about man management. One should note that this is an introductory course. There are advanced courses in the Forum. One has to attend the basic courses to become eligible to attend the advanced courses.

The basic courses can prepare a participant to face the tough corporate world. One needs to practice the techniques taught in these courses. With practice, one can improve their skill levels. Using these skills, one can deal with the co-workers in an easy going manner. This course enables the participant to broaden his viewpoint. The open mind allows for easy absorption of the ideas taught in the courses. The courses envisage that one maintains an open mind in life as well.

Having an open mind has its advantages. You tend to look at things from a different perspective. You learn to look at things from the opposite side as well. When you do so, you realize that you might not always be right. There could be other ways to deal with the situations. The open mind causes you to drop the ego and look at the problem from all sides. You invariably end up with finding a simpler way of dealing with the issue. You polish your communication skills as well thereby making it easier to deal with your bosses as well. You are able to communicate effectively with your coworkers. Your main job is to see to it that the team members do their job perfectly. This is man management. You have to lead by inspiration. These courses prepare you to do that. Many a Landmark Forum Review highlights this benefit.

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