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Landmark Forum advocates solving of problems on a regular basis

August 23, 2017 6:45 am / Leave a Comment

Psychology is a vast subject. One can go on and on about the importance and use of psychology in human life. A human being will always face some sort of problem in his life. The poor man will have a problem figuring out where his next meal will come from. Similarly, a wealthy man will have problems about safeguarding his money. What does this signify? Everyone in the world has some problem of some sort plaguing him at all times. Is there a solution to it? Of course, there is but the solution does not solve all the problems in life. You need to develop a rational thinking. This is possible in the Landmark Forum courses.

A great psychologist was once conducting a lecture on the problems that people face and the ways they could adopt to solve them. As part of his lectures, he called upon a couple of volunteers on to the stage. He filled two glasses up to the half way mark with water and asked the two volunteers to hold them in their hands. Naturally, people were expecting him to pop up the regular optimistic/pessimistic question. However, he surprised everybody by asking them how heavy the glass of water felt in their hands. They said that the weight of half a glass of water would be much of a problem. He agreed and requested them to hold on to the glass until he asked them to put it down.

He continued with his lectures with these two volunteers on the stage holding on to the half-filled glasses. After about half an hour, he popped up the same question regarding the weight of the glass. This time, they volunteers replied that they felt their hands started to ache with the weight of the glass. Remember, the glass was the same and so was the quantity if water in it. The problem is the same but the effects are different.

He remarked that life was also something similar. The longer you hold on to a problem, the heavier it seems to become. His logic was that one should get rid of the problem as soon as possible because life is always full of problems. It can come up with a new one practically every day. Holding on to the older problems will only increase the load in your mind.

The Landmark Forum is also about advocating a similar outlook towards life. According to them, getting rid of the older problems will leave space for the newer ones to occupy. This can be a never ending process. This is what rational thinking is all about. Problems are bound to come in everyone’s life. Maybe the scale of the problem might be different. The President of America might be the most powerful man in the world today. Do you feel he does not have any problems? Of course, he has his own headaches. The scale of his problems can be huge by your standards but still, they are present. No one can wish them away.

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Positive reviews about the Landmark Forum can be helpful

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Many people have diverse views about the Landmark Forum. Some people admire their contribution to the society. They acknowledge the role played by the Forum in bringing awareness among the people. At the same time, you have people who have a negative opinion about the Forum as well. It is natural. You have positive as well as negative opinion. Even God is not immune to such opinion. After all, this is a Forum of humans. Everybody has a right to their opinion. We shall see the positive aspects of the Forum in brief.

The Landmark Forum is a worldwide body having its presence in virtually every city in the world. They conduct these personality development programs whereby they concentrate on the psychological development of the individual. The gyms and other physical workout centers can take care of the physical aspect of the body. This Forum takes care of the mental aspect. Hence, this is equally important.

The psychological development is an important aspect. The entire human population requires training in these aspects. This applies more to the hardcore professionals who have to depend on others to do their jobs. In this age you cannot use threat, coercion, or force to make people do the jobs for you. They may comply with the same but grudgingly. In case you need wholehearted support, you have to arouse an eager want in the workers to do your work. You have to be subtle in your dealings with them. You have to remember that every person in the world has an ego. Pampering their ego can do wonders for you whereas challenging their ego can have disastrous repercussions. The best way to succeed is to get our work done smoothly without any kind of hassles.

The Landmark Forum can help you in this endeavor. They have their courses that cater to such issues in a beautiful manner. You get to learn from the experience of others because every participant shares his or her experience with the audience. When they share their experiences, you get to know about the different kinds of people living in the world. You also get an idea about how to tackle them as well. You see participants pouring out their woes before the audience. The best part of the entire exercise is that every person is free to answer. This can help the speaker as well as the audience because you get the advantage of seeing things from a different angle. This is the main way of solving problems.

The programs involve you speaking with complete strangers. In this way, you overcome the initial inhibition you have while conversing with strangers. When you speak with strangers, you tend to be careful with your choice of words as well. This is a very good trait to develop.

You can use this trait to write your Landmark Forum review. As you point out the positive points in your review, you help scores of people to make a concrete decision about enrolling for these courses in the future.

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Experience the Transition in Life with a Landmark Worldwide Session

January 22, 2016 9:41 am / Leave a Comment

Jobs are meant to fill pockets, and meant to be a source of income for every individual. I was able to set a private firm of my own but could not manage it as I had envisaged. This was a disappointing phase of my life wherein I was almost in tears. My parents suggested that I attend a seminar at Landmark worldwide where people from across the world revitalized their confidence. It was a confidence booster for me as I was seeking a pillar to guide me on how to be resilient. Life is a journey full of ups and downs which has to be dealt with carefully. I wanted to get up and bounce back but somehow I just could not do so.

Every individual undergoes rough patches. I guess this was the phase which most people were wary about because I could not gather the strength to start afresh. In order to bounce back, I had to arrange capital which meant borrowing or a loan. My father had invested all he could on my first venture. Nobody can be your mentor but you have to take the leap. I was sure that I would start afresh but the fear of losing again was constantly stopping me. It was a block that was stopping me from taking the next step.

People always say that failure is a stepping stone to success. This was my only motivation and pulled up my socks to start again. Truly the seminar motivated me in a way that no one could do. The motivational speakers effectively sent the message to every participant. I felt blessed to attend the seminar at Forum de Landmark. Things were different when I first came here and by the end of the session I was a completely new person. I knew exactly how to tackle crisis, rather than succumb to the chaos. All this while I was only lagging in confidence to put a bold step forward. In my opinion things had changed from the very first day of a renewed me.

My parents were extremely proud of me as they had expectations from me. I did not want to let them down but do what I could do best. In order to make a good impression I put up a bold front at home. My friends were the second support system after my family. I was so inspired by the motivational speakers that it invigorated a sense of motivation in me. Initially when I was not satisfied with the small things but now I understood the essence of everything. Life was not always big events but about celebrating small ones.

My parents arranged whatever capital they could and the rest I gathered from my friends. They were all hopeful about the new me, as in they had never seen such a confident side before. All credit goes to the Landmark forum review through which I was able to find what was right for me. It was indeed a great achievement that I started everything once again. This time I was cautious about how to start a new business and handle things differently.

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Forum De Landmark – Got My Life Back On Track

September 30, 2015 12:39 pm / Leave a Comment

Life has its own way of teaching lessons, to keep you moving forward. In order to be successful you need to evolve. There are times when you hire a particular plateau and going beyond your level of performance seems impossible. During such times, one should consider participating in Landmark forum programs. These programs are held all over the world and can be helpful in more than one way.

I could sense no growth in my life and wanted results faster. During school days, I used to win a lot of medals and accolades, but at this time I was just not getting anywhere. I was confident and positive, but slowly I could feel it deteriorating. When I heard about Forum de landmark, I was more than delighted.

Landmark Worldwide

The course was a three day program held from morning to evening where Landmark experts guided us and helped us achieve our goal. Prior to subscribing this program I had tried a few courses that promised personality development and other benefits. They charged a lot, but the results came in tiny pieces which were short lived. I needed a permanent cure and this particular seminar seemed to be promising. Moreover, I had nothing to lose, so I went for it.

When I reached the venue, I was happy to see a large number of people ready to dedicate their focus and energy to get results. When I read numerous Landmark forum reviews I was stunned to know the changes and the positivity it could create in people’s lives. In case if you have any doubts or queries do not hesitate and get in touch with the experts before hand. Also make sure you regester as soon as possible as the seats are limited and are filled in soon.

As the landmark program moved forward, I got a detailed description of what it had in store for us. After the rules, programs and other benefits were explained, the experts moved on with their enlightening words. There was something special I must say, it somehow helped me open myself up and look deep inside for answers. This process worked quite well as I had all my answers without the use of medicines and long therapy sessions. Incase if you happen to know anyone, feel free to direct them to such services.

Like the others I was also given a number of tests and other things that helped me a lot. It even helped me discover my hidden talents, that I had never known until now. Those of you who wanted to stay ahead of their competitors or just stay positive and improve their performance should make use of such services. Even if you are facing life’s hard times, these experts can help you get your life back on track. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs can also cater to such programs. There are a number of packages that can be subscribed for at affordable rates that can give instant results. Make sure you get in touch with the closest provider and get your answers without burning a hole in your pocket

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The Power of Possibility with Landmark Forum

July 13, 2015 2:34 am / Leave a Comment

I did the Landmark Forum in December 2002.

It was my first year out of college and I was a first year teacher. I was young, unsure of myself professionally, and in many ways personally, and I wasn’t even really sure why I was doing the course or what it was about — I just sensed that something was possible.

I remember being very confused on the first day of the course. At the first break, another participant who was reviewing the course said to me, “Just do the work!  It works!” and I remember thinking, “What works?  What is this even about, anyway?”

Rather than talking about what happens in the course, which is really just a series of conversations — the person leading the course introduces topics and interacts with participants who volunteer to speak at a microphone while everyone else looks on — I’d like to convey what I got out of the course and the other courses I took with Landmark Worldwide in the years afterwards.

The biggest thing I got that weekend was an experience confronting my fears and insight into how that was holding me back. We did an exercise where we closed our eyes and imagined how fear was having a negative impact on our lives, and through the guided talk I realized that I was so numb from fear in my life, especially around my work as a teacher, that I didn’t even realize, or deal with on a daily basis, just how much I was petrified of failing and looking bad. The second part of the exercise was realizing that everyone around us — for example, my students — are just as scared of us as we are of them!  In the context of the exercise, I found this extremely funny, and a huge relief.

While it was an extraordinary weekend, God’s angels didn’t come down out of heaven that instant and crown me with righteousness or take me up to heaven. I left the course with awesome new insights and an expanded view of what was possible in my life, but I was still dealing with the circumstances of my life and everything that was holding me back.  I remember on Sunday evening, after one of the major conversations of the course, worrying about not being ready for my classes on Monday. So, it wasn’t a magic bullet.

What the course did was open my mind to all sorts of new possibilities and experiences I hadn’t considered before or dared to try. I did several of Landmark’s other programs which also reinforced and clarified what I got out of that first-weekend course.  Just to give you a small sampling of what has changed in my life the last several years: I met and married the love of my life, and we bought a beautiful house together. I started going to church and became a Christian, which is a big deal because while I was always interested in spirituality, I never had a strong faith or relationship with God. When I was laid off, I tried sales for the first time and became enamored with the idea of entrepreneurship, even starting my own business.

These things are all a big deal, without giving you the entire backstory of my life, because up until I started participating in these courses, all of these outcomes were extremely unpredictable. It isn’t like a direct cause and effect relationship — I did this course, and then I met my wife — but, certainly, the Landmark Forum opened my mind and that made all sorts of other things possible that weren’t likely to happen until then.

I lead a far from perfect life — I’m in a stable career, but I’m looking to transition back to teaching at some point, and I’ve found that process more difficult than I would like. My family certainly has many of the same struggles and issues that most other people do, so it isn’t like my life is solved or I’ve got it all figured out, but participating with Landmark has given me a powerful context to relate to the circumstances of my life. Very often, it has taught me to question my motives and look for answers within, to see how my flaws and mistakes affect others, and how taking responsibility for those things can lead me to a more powerful situation and a more satisfying life. Just as often, the concepts of the course have taught me to believe in myself and build up a reservoir of confidence so that I am not knocked off course by my own doubts, or by naysayers or external critics.

For anyone who is considering doing the Landmark Forum, I highly recommend it. That being said, go into an introduction to the course with an open mind, and try mapping the concepts being introduced onto your life. Whether or not you choose to register yourself, the power of the course is in putting yourself in the shoes of the conversation that is being presented, and seeing where it might apply to your life and how it could make a difference for you. It’s been an extraordinary journey for me, and one that has changed my life permanently for the better.

-Brian Keating

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Landmark Forum for a Fresh Start

July 7, 2015 4:19 am / Leave a Comment

Doing the Landmark Forum gave me the ability to truly know who I am and the tools to take real actions in my life to BE who I am in my life. I did the Landmark Forum because I was bored with my job and was looking for a new career. What I realized was how much actually love my job and even the company I work for, because I was able to see it from a whole new perspective that I couldn’t see before.

Another difference it made for me is that now, whenever I make mistakes, I don’t see them as signs of failure anymore, so it has me take a lot more risks in life. And I honestly just love how people always are telling me how happy I look. That has never been something people used to say about me.

-Laura Minard

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