Landmark Forum helps you develop the self-belief

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What is the most important quality one should have as a human being? The answer is the self-belief that ‘I can’. Man is not much different from other animals in the universe in this regard. Every man in the world is born with the same brain size. However, a brain is one organ where size does not manner at all. The thing that does is the extent to which you use it. An overwhelming majority of people in the world use a minuscule portion of the brain. The quantum of usage depends on the circumstances they are brought up in life. Of course, there are geniuses who have flourished under very trying circumstances, but they are more of the exception that the rule. Landmark Forum tries its best to bridge the gap between the rule and the exception.

Let us look at a couple of stories that can help you drive home this fact.

One day, I was coming home after watching a circus. I found out that huge elephants were tied to small pegs on the ground with thin ropes. Just one tug and the peg would have been uprooted. I thought it should be a dangerous thing to do so. Hence, I approached the elephant keeper and questioned the logic behind the act. His reply was as astounding as it was true.

He said that these elephants have conditioned their minds that they are not strong enough to break this bond. This rope was strong enough to hold these elephants when they were small. They tried to break free but could not. It resigned in their brains that they do not have the strength to break this bond. Hence, they never try. They do not have the self-belief that they can do so. Now, the elephant has a large body and a comparatively large brain as well.

Now, come to another side of the same story. A scientist conducted an experiment where he kept some fleas in a cardboard box. This box had one opening towards the sky. He covered this opening with a glass lid. The fleas tried to jump out and collided with the glass lid, not being aware of its presence. This happened for several days. One fine day, the scientist removed the glass lid and kept the box open. The fleas could easily jump out, but they did not do so, conditioned as they were by the presence of the glass. The fleas have small bodies and small brains.

The point we are driving at is that the size of the brain does not matter. The only thing that does so is the belief that you can achieve the impossible. If Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did not have the self-belief they would not have conquered Mount Everest. In doing so, they inspired thousands of others to do so subsequently.

Landmark Forum Reviews believes in developing the self-belief that you can do it under any circumstances. Once you learn this technique, the sky is the limit for you. Mind you, the sky is imaginary. It is only open space up there.

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Landmark Forum teaches you to become a man

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The biggest quality one should develop in this world is the belief that you can do it. Otherwise you end up as one of the five monkeys in the cage. What are you talking about? Who are the monkeys and what are they doing in the cage? You might ask such questions. You must do as well because if you do not do so, you again end up as one of the five monkeys in the cage. Does it sound confusing to you? If it does, please read on to understand the concept of the monkeys. Landmark Forum teaches you certain basic skills that you should use in your everyday life.

Let us now unravel the mystery of the five monkeys in the cage. A group of scientists put five monkeys in a cage and conducted research that should well explain the difference between monkeys and humans. They placed a ladder in the cage and kept a bunch of bananas on top so that the monkeys had to climb the ladder to reach them.

Now, a monkey is one of the most inquisitive creatures in the world after Man. One of them will certainly try to climb the ladder and get the bananas. As soon as one monkey tries to climb the ladder, the scientists throw a bucket of cold water on the other monkeys in the cage. As a result, the other monkeys would not allow the first one to climb the ladder. When another monkey tries to do so, the scientists repeat the cold water treatment. This happened for a couple of days. Resultantly, when any monkey tried to climb the ladder, the other monkeys would gather and beat the hell out of it.

The scientists continued the experiment by replacing one monkey with a new one. The new one would love to climb the ladder unaware of the fate that is waiting for him downstairs. They tried replacing the second monkey with a new one, only to see the same result. Similarly, they replaced the third, fourth, and fifth monkey on by one with new monkeys. The result was the same every time. Now, you have a set of five new monkeys that had never experienced the cold water bath, but still the result is the same.

What can you deduce from the story? If the monkeys could speak, you could as well ask them. Their reply would be, ‘This is the way things are. No one can do anything about it.” Now, does it not sound familiar to many people in the world? Do we not take things at face value?

The moral of the story is that one should not be afraid to question any belief. Secondly, one should develop the belief that they can achieve the impossible. Maybe, this is the only difference between Man and the monkeys. The choice is yours. You either question and become a man or behave like the monkey in the age, as most people do. Landmark Forum helps you in becoming a man.

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Landmark Forum reiterates the virtues of gratitude

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One of the biggest virtues in maintaining human relations is to acknowledge the efforts of others and express gratitude wherever possible. Every person in the world is important in his own way. You never know who can be of help at what time. Hence, one should always thank people for whatever they do. It could be as trivial as thanking the railway booking clerk while purchasing your ticket. Your smile and acknowledgement can go a long way in making his day. You do not lose much either. These are some of the teachings of the Landmark Forum when they conduct the courses especially for the younger generation.

It is not necessary that the person should be near you when you thank him. If you do it sincerely enough, it will reach him. We shall look at a fine example. This is a true story that happened in the Vietnam War.

One day, Charles Plumb, a Navy Jet Fighter was having lunch with his family at a restaurant. Suddenly, a person approached him and enquired whether he was Charles Plumb. He also stated that Charles was captured by the Vietnamese soldiers as he had to eject from his jet after it was shot down by the enemy. He also enquired whether his parachute functioned properly. Charles replied in the affirmative stating that if it had not done so, he would not have been alive today.

Charles asked him who he was. The man replied that he was the person who packed the parachute for him. Now, Charles could not help but thank him profusely. The same Charles might have carried out hundreds of flights over the enemy camps each time wearing the same parachute. Not once did he feel like thanking the person who packed it for him at that time. Now, he has realized the worth of the sailor who had the seeming thankless job of packing parachutes for the senior officers. Had there been even a small malfunction, the officers would have had to plunge to their deaths. This goes on to show that every man you meet in life is important to you in some way or the other. This explains why one must express their gratitude to others every time someone renders some service to them.

Life is similar in many ways. Every day we go through various challenges and come out of it successfully as well. Have we ever spared any time to think and reflect that there is someone behind us who has been instrumental in packing the parachutes for us? This makes us to sail over our problems with ease. This unseen force is the one called God. Landmark Forum recognizes this force as well. Hence, it advocates people to thank the Creator for all that he has done for us. That does not mean that the Forum is some sort of a religious cult. Many people have the opinion that the Forum is a cult organization. In fact, they have always gone on record stating that they do not have anything to do with religion.

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Landmark Forum professes innovative ways of solving problems

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Have you ever met any person in the world who does not have any problems at all? It is nigh impossible to do so. Every person in the world including the strongest and the mightiest has his own set of problems. The issue is not the problem but the way that you employ to tackle the same. Sometimes, the smallest of problems might appear huge because you might be using the wrong methods to handle the same. At the same time, the toughest of problems could look easy because you are viewing it from a different angle. Landmark Forum has been harping on this technique right since the time they started their courses.

You invariably find a session or two devoted to this issue alone. There are hundreds of examples shared with you that explain the importance of viewing problems from varied angles. We shall share one of them with you today to enable you to get a better understanding.

A young computer executive was working on a very difficult algorithm. He had to submit the report by Monday. He was struggling to find the right solution to the problem. This was causing a great headache to him. In the meanwhile, his young daughter was pestering him to play with her. This girl was like an angel. No one could refuse her. However, the computer executive was too engrossed in his work to even look at her and acknowledge her demands.

The little girl kept on persevering. The father was now at his wit’s end. He did not know what to do. He could not get angry at his darling daughter as well. There was no time available to play with her. Hence, he hit upon an idea. He tore a page from a magazine kept on the table into 32 equal pieces. He gave it to the three-year old child and asked her to reassemble the pieces together. He was sure that this task will take some hours at least. He was happy that he had bought some time from her.

The girl was an obedient child. She took the pieces of paper carefully and started her job of assembling them again. Within five minutes, she came to her father with the pieces of paper neatly arranged in the perfect manner. The father was astounded as to how this girl could assemble this puzzle in such a short period. He could not resist asker her. Her reply opened his eyes. She said that the page that he had torn had the picture of a bus on the reverse side. All the girl had to do was to assemble the picture of the bus. Automatically, the job is over.

The father now realized that this was the advice of a genius. He immediately stopped whatever he was doing and started to look at the algorithm from a completely different angle. Within minutes he could find a solution to the same. This is what happens when you look at issues from a third person’s point of view. Landmark Forum uses such stories of wisdom to prove its point to its participants.

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Landmark Forum advocates solving of problems on a regular basis

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Psychology is a vast subject. One can go on and on about the importance and use of psychology in human life. A human being will always face some sort of problem in his life. The poor man will have a problem figuring out where his next meal will come from. Similarly, a wealthy man will have problems about safeguarding his money. What does this signify? Everyone in the world has some problem of some sort plaguing him at all times. Is there a solution to it? Of course, there is but the solution does not solve all the problems in life. You need to develop a rational thinking. This is possible in the Landmark Forum courses.

A great psychologist was once conducting a lecture on the problems that people face and the ways they could adopt to solve them. As part of his lectures, he called upon a couple of volunteers on to the stage. He filled two glasses up to the half way mark with water and asked the two volunteers to hold them in their hands. Naturally, people were expecting him to pop up the regular optimistic/pessimistic question. However, he surprised everybody by asking them how heavy the glass of water felt in their hands. They said that the weight of half a glass of water would be much of a problem. He agreed and requested them to hold on to the glass until he asked them to put it down.

He continued with his lectures with these two volunteers on the stage holding on to the half-filled glasses. After about half an hour, he popped up the same question regarding the weight of the glass. This time, they volunteers replied that they felt their hands started to ache with the weight of the glass. Remember, the glass was the same and so was the quantity if water in it. The problem is the same but the effects are different.

He remarked that life was also something similar. The longer you hold on to a problem, the heavier it seems to become. His logic was that one should get rid of the problem as soon as possible because life is always full of problems. It can come up with a new one practically every day. Holding on to the older problems will only increase the load in your mind.

The Landmark Forum is also about advocating a similar outlook towards life. According to them, getting rid of the older problems will leave space for the newer ones to occupy. This can be a never ending process. This is what rational thinking is all about. Problems are bound to come in everyone’s life. Maybe the scale of the problem might be different. The President of America might be the most powerful man in the world today. Do you feel he does not have any problems? Of course, he has his own headaches. The scale of his problems can be huge by your standards but still, they are present. No one can wish them away.

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Landmark Forum believes in having a transformational outlook

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Understanding people is one of the most difficult things to do in this world. Man is the most complex of all human beings. It requires a great deal of tact to handle him. The simple reason is that you are dealing with creatures with emotion instead of creatures with logic. You need to formulate new strategies to tackle them. Of course, life will teach you all these tactics. In addition, you have organizations such as the Landmark Forum to supplement the teachings of Life.

When you speak of the Landmark Forum, the images of power packed three and a half-day session come to mind. Do you really feel that three and a half-day session is enough to make a change in your lives? Many people do so whereas there will always be a section of people you cannot satisfy.

The point to consider here is not the duration of the course but the contents of it. The main intention of the course is to bring about a change in your outlook towards life. The very fact that you have decided to join the course is evidence enough that you seek a change from the monotonous life that you lead on a daily basis. You are thirsting for a change. This Forum gives you the opportunity to do so.

The Forum believes in bringing about a complete transformation in your ideas. We use the word transformation instead of ‘change’ because the change is an absolute one that encompasses all the aspects of life. There is a lot of difference between change and transformation. When you change something you do so with respect to a reference in the past. However, when you transform, you ensure that the change is an absolute one.

Everyone needs a transformation in the outlook because the present situation is such that finding a solution to your problems would nigh be impossible. The Landmark Forum aims to bring about such a transformational change in your way of approaching the problems. Every problem in the world has a solution because if there were no solution, the problem would cease to exist. The trick is to find out the right approach to the solution.

Bill Gates had once remarked that he preferred to give the toughest jobs in his companies to the laziest of all the employees. This is because he reckoned that the laziest person will always be able to find out the easiest way to solve the problem. How does he manage to do so? The main reason is that he approaches the problem with an uncluttered mind. When you have such an open mind, absorbing the problem and thinking for the solution becomes easy. This is what the Forum harps on as well.

The best way to solve any problem is to believe that it does not exist. If you think in these lines, your mind becomes free of all the preconceived notions. Hence, finding a solution becomes easy. This is what the Landmark Forum is all about.

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Realise your maximum potential through the Landmark Forum

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If somebody told you that you could realise your potential and improve the quality of your life, thanks to the help of a three-day session, it could sound funny and even beyond imagination for you. However, that’s exactly what the Landmark Forum teaches you. This is a forum, the first and basic course conducted by Landmark Worldwide, formerly known as Landmark Education, which is conducted for 42 hours. From Friday to Saturday, the session goes on for about 14 hours per day and it starts from 9 AM to 11 PM. The last concluding session happens on the next Tuesday for four hours from 7 PM to 11 PM. During this session, you can bring your friends and colleagues whom you want to enrol in this program.

Breakthrough technology
How does the forum help people at all levels? How does it prove to be beneficial for freshers and senior management personnel? It is because of the breakthrough technology that it adopts with the help of practical lessons. The forum tells you very clearly right at the beginning itself that it doesn’t teach you anything that you don’t know already. It only teaches you to do a self-introspection and come out with results that are far beyond the usual levels that you have predicted. The transformative learning methodology that is adopted in the forum helps you immensely in improving your personal and professional relationships, developing your overall personality and controlling the way you act, think and behave. The forum is conducted in many languages across various countries. Almost 94% of the people who attended this have admitted that this forum made a permanent and positive impact in their life and relationships.

Lessons for the mind, heart, and soul
Many award-winning celebrities have attended this forum and experienced immense benefits out of the same. One example is the volleyball champion, Natalie Cook. According to her own admission, she had a fall out with her coach who had guided her to win two Olympic medals, due to some ego issues. She attended the Landmark Forum and learnt some valuable lessons, which helped her to mend her relationship with her coach. Like Cook, many of us have relationships that we have not given a closure or that we have ignored in our lives. We tend to leave them incomplete because we think we don’t have the strength to face these people ever in our lives.

At this forum, we are proved wrong. We are made to admit to our mistakes like never before. The forum leader motivates us to open up and confess to the group about our wrongdoings, revengeful acts or other acts of jealousy, frustration, etc. Once we open up, we do feel a bit better, but that’s not the beauty of the forum. The leader forces to call up the people whom we have wronged against in the past and apologise to them for the same. These wrongdoings are given the name “rackets” as per the Landmark vocabulary. Any landmark forum review will tell you how relieving it is when you own up for your rackets.

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How does the Landmark Forum teach the philosophy of life

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When you read any Landmark Forum Review, you will understand that the forum is not just a seminar that teaches you lessons to climb up the corporate ladder effectively. It is a seminar that imparts valuable life lessons that you will carry with you forever. Though the seminar lasts for about 42 hours (3, 14-hour sessions from Friday to Sunday and one 4-hour farewell session the following Tuesday), the lessons and impact that you take from this stay with you for many years. In three days, you get to learn about the philosophy of life in a way that you have never heard before. Here is how the forum goes about in its approach.

Whatever you feel is a result of your past experience
One of the main lessons that the forum leader teaches you is that there is a lot of difference between the actual facts of a particular situation and the meaning or the stories that you draw from that situation. In other words, the forum leader stops you when you blame the other person for your failed relationship, failed business deal or other problems. Instead, he asks you to do a self-retrospection and asks you to speak in detail about your problems in the open.

For example, when you tell the leader that your relationship with your daughter is strained because she feels that you don’t give her enough freedom, the leader tells you it is because of what happened to you in your past that you are behaving in a particular way with her. He tells you that you are being over-protective of your daughter for selfish reasons. When you don’t agree to her, he uses abusive language and tells you that you can kill her instead than making her suffer. That would set the tears rolling for you. You would understand that you have been punishing your daughter because of your perception of a past event that happened with you. In the three days of the forum, you learn a lot of stuff like these and when you come out, you learn to be more appreciative of people and relationships.

Apologies for the rackets
The mistakes or the wrong doings that you do in the past are classified as rackets by the forum leader. Yes, the jargons can be quite confusing; however, the concepts are simple. One of the main philosophical parts of the Landmark Forum is that the candidates are forced to apologise for their rackets. During the breaks, the forum leader makes you call the people whom you have wronged against and apologise for your mistakes. When your parents, spouse, lover, boss, subordinate, friend or whoever you have erred against, doesn’t pick up your call, the leader urges you to keep calling so that you get a chance to apologise to them and mend relationships, if possible. When you are in doubt, the forum leader uses more dominant language and a rebuking tone so that you keep your conscience clear. You have to ensure that you don’t get bogged down by your leader’s tone; he is abusive so that he can bring about the self-realisation in you.

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Landmark Forum helps you to think out of the box

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What is the best way to solve any problem? The best way to do so is to look at the problem from different angles. You will get a new perspective when you see things from a new angle. This can help you to find out of the box solutions to your problems. You can take the example of a chess board. When you look at the pieces from a diagonal angle, you get a completely different view of the board. The pieces look different. Under such circumstances you can find innovative angles to attack. The Landmark Forum espouses such a line of thinking and formulates its training methods accordingly.

The great Bill Gates had once remarked that he had a habit of choosing the laziest people in his organization for solving the most difficult of problems. His reasoning was that the lazy people would always find an easy way of solving any problem. If this can be true of Bill Gates, it can be true of you and me as well.

Let us look at a simple illustration of how easy it can be to solve problems if viewed from different angles.
A young corporate professional was breaking his head over a new algorithm. He was desperate to find a solution to complex issue in his office. He had brought the work home in the hope that he would be able to think over the problem with a cool mind. He was racking his brain hard while his daughter was pestering him to play with her. He did not want to disappoint his daughter as well. However, the problem was taking a huge toll of him. Unable to bear the pestering of his daughter, he took a magazine and tore one page into 16 pieces and asked her to reassemble the paper and bring it back to him. The professional was relieved because he thought that this task will keep his daughter busy for at least an hour or so. However, to his utter dismay he saw that his daughter came back within five minutes with the jigsaw pieces assembled neatly.

Unable to conceal his wonder, he asked his daughter the reason for being able to solve the puzzle so quickly. She replied that the puzzle was very simple to solve. The magazine that her father tore had a picture of a horse on the reverse side. All she had to do was to place the pieces correctly. It is not difficult for a six year old child to successfully solve such a simple puzzle.

This opened the eyes of the father. With renewed vigor he went about solving the algorithm in a new way. He could arrive at the solution within minutes. What does this story signify? It shows that you can find solutions to the toughest of problems if you adopt innovative ways of solving them.
You can find such interesting stories in a Landmark Forum review or two. This is the beauty of the Landmark Forum. You get to learn a lot.

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Landmark Forum has no connections with any religion

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Does the Landmark Forum have anything to do with religion? Many people believe they have a deep religious connection because the teachings of the Forum have many things in common with what you find in the scriptures. However, the Forum has reiterated that they have nothing to do with any religion whatsoever. Their teaching methods might overlap because all religions profess people to have a decent psychological upbringing.

The Forum does not teach anything new to people. You can find all their teachings in various psychological books all over the world. This Forum has the main objective of developing the psychological aspect of a person. They realize that the psychological development of an individual is as important as the physical one.

The Forum strongly believes that a person should develop a positive outlook on life. When you develop this positive attitude, you tend to look at your problems from a different angle. This can provide different ways of solving problems. A positive attitude can broaden your vision and result in an open mind. The open mind is like a sponge that can absorb everything that you throw at it. You need an open mind to weigh all the options before arriving at an amicable solution to your problems.

With the Landmark Forum, you start to develop a fearless attitude towards life. They encourage you to throw all inhibitions to the wind and exhort you to express yourself freely. You get the chance to overcome your stage fear. This is because the Forum encourages you to use the stage to express your problems and opinions. You can find it a bit awkward in the earlier stages. However, you tend to overcome this fear and begin to express yourself clearly.

The best aspect of highlighting your problem from the stage is that you will be speaking out your problem aloud. When you do so, you find that the problem is not that acute as it seems to be. You find that the solution can be easy to find as well. In addition, you have the audience to help you out in this matter. There may be people in the audience who would have gone through the same problems in life. They would have solved the same as well. They can share their solutions thereby helping you to find a solution as well. You can also participate by offering solutions to their problems.

It can happen that discussing a problem can bring out the solution. The best part of this Forum is that even if you do not take to the stage and speak out over the mike, you can find your solutions in other people’s problems. This is the advantage of participating in the discussions of this Forum. However, it is always advisable to take part in all the discussions as it can be a mind-opening feature.

This experience can open your mind thereby prompting you to write a positive Landmark Forum review. This can be helpful to prospective participants as they get a ringside view of the Forum through your reviews.

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